Track, Analyze and get Insight on your Near Field Communication (NFC) proximity marketing campaigns with NFC Analytics. Using our Proprietary tracking technology you can get 'tap' analysis from NFC tag usage by smartphone users. Get stats even if users aren't using a dedicated NFC application on their mobile device.

NFC stickers and cards allow you to build campaigns that drive online/real world interaction for your service of product. Smartphone usage has exploded and everyone is telling you that your company needs a Mobile app, Not True! Our Proprietary Tap Dashboard doesn't require you to purchase or build an app. And, your clients don't have to download, install or opt-in to anything.

How can you use NFC to your advantage?
 Here are just some of the possibilities:
  • NFC encoded stickers that link to special offers only available through that channel
  • NFC encoded client loyalty cards that current clients can use to refer others and earn rewards
  • NFC encoded stickers that connect customers with your online marketplace
Drive consumer interaction + Utilize the Next Generation in Marketing = Beaming, Tapping and Proximity Advertising!
New NFC enabled Point of Sale terminals are replacing older models in stores, gas stations and restaurants at an alarming rate. The possibilities for using this new technology to gain new clients and increase current customer interaction are exploding. Users simply tap on an NFC sticker with their NFC enabled smartphone and you see the results in real time. Then you can drill into campaigns or individual tags to view Metrics from your NFC Analytics Tag Dashboard. Brand your next Proximity Marketing Campaign and get stats no one else can provide on a per tag tap basis.

'NFC is For the Masses'
We believe that this exciting new tool should be available for businesses of all sizes, Large Medium or Small. That is why we created NFC-Analytics!
Setting up an NFC campaign is quick and easy. Fast turnaround on sticker orders. Access your Tag Dashboard to monitor which NFC encoded items (tags) are generating the most hits. Adjust your campaign accordingly in real time. Get the most out of your advertising dollar; real world interaction with online information on a smartphone.

Mobile device usage has exploded, Users want to bring the real world onto their phone. We can help with that!

See it in action on our Demo page; or Get Started by Choosing Stickers