About Us

Nfc-analytics.com is a member of the EssentialNFC platform from TeamProjectsOnly, Inc. The EssentialNFC platform is a family of products that we believe showcases the best of what NFC can do. Whether it is in business, gaming, the arts, a wedding celebration, or any area that you focus your time and talents, we want to help you solve problems and achieve your goals. Attracting potential patrons, connecting people with information, and reducing paper waste are just some of the things made easier with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

You may have seen some very funny commercials that feature NFC or 'beaming' technology. Most of these commercials demonstrate sharing information between mobile devices, but the technology has many more applications than just file and picture exchanges. Most of our sites embed the 'Samsung Galaxy S3 poster' commercial right on the home page. This commercial is a fine example of linking the internet with a real world object, and makes a great tutorial for the ease of use of NFC.

Applications that show linking real world objects with the internet through the use of NFC embedded objects include:
  • Deploying placards in an art gallery that enable patrons to connect to online information about the artist whose work is on display
  • A link to the online ticketing or calendar of events page of a theatre's website conveniently located on or around the "coming events" displays
  • A link to your online wedding photos embedded in your "Thank You" cards
  • A link to the signup page for your loyalty program can be found on a placard next to the cash register
  • The online listing for a property could be accessed by tapping a realtor's placard on the mailbox
  • Links to a community event's calendar could be located on kiosks at various venues
  • Include a link to the online listing for a vehicle on the "For Sale" sign or "Mulroney Sticker"
The possibilities for using NFC to connect the Online and Real world are limitless. The EssentialNFC platform has many NFC Based products that make it easy and cost effective to "tap' into this technology.

If you think that NFC technology may be able to help and you want to 'bump' some ideas off of us, just drop us an email or reach out on Twitter. We want to work with you!