NFC Basics

Information about how Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled devices work with real world objects.

The NFC capabilities of the mobile device must be enabled by the user
Most new mobile devices are being manufactured with NFC technology included. In some instances, as is currently the case with AT&T customers, the carrier may not allow the technology to be enabled, even though the manufacturer included it in the device. However, it is only a matter of time until the network will allow enabling because of competitive factors.

NFC embedded objects have no power source
However, when NFC enabled devices are in close proximity to the object, the battery of the device is drawn upon to establish a link. For this reason, positioning the battery compartment of the mobile device over the NFC embedded object yields the fastest results. Also, interaction with NFC embedded objects can rarely happen by chance. The actions of the mobile device’s owner must be intentional for a link to be established.
An NFC embedded object is limited by memory size
Becasue of this restraint the most common use for NFC stickers is the encoding of a destination web address. This provides a bridge by which additional information can be communicated, videos can be viewed, photos shared or music downloaded, just to name a few examples. NFC embedded objects can come in many forms, including stickers, placards and FOBs.
Can you provide NFC products and services for me
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